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Experience Buddy

The most comprehensive entertainment platform in the whole wide world! Welcome to the ultimate encyclopedia of fun!

We are a company that specializes in delivering the most dazzling experiences in all categories of entertainment – from adrenaline wilderness through shooting activities to some of the hottest attractions for adults.

There are two main criteria that are applied with the utmost consistency – safety and legitimacy. Since 2004, our company has been able to organize attractions for thousands of satisfied clients, many of whom are regularly coming back for more! Our company is our family – it combines individuals from all areas of entertainment business and we are proud on our diverse and colorful background. Our key asset is an extensive network of our associates – locals cooperating in many European cities who are constantly monitoring the situation in their city. Thanks to them, we always know about the novelties and fresh attractions, we always know which nightclub hosts the best party in the town or where is the best place to go out for dinner. We know about the freshest and oddest attractions but we also know which attractions do not meet our quality standards. And that’s something we strongly value – we do not want to bring average quality, we always try to deliver the highest standard.

We are the Experience Buddy family, a platform that connects:Experience Buddy










Dozens of destinations and attractions, all proven and tested, all within your reach! Covering all demographic, we want to make sure that anyone who is looking for an attraction will find something suitable. The process of searching and adding of new attractions never stops for us, we know we have to be flexible and we feel the ever-present urge to reflect on the new trends in technology and social development of the 21st century world. Experience buddy is an organic structure that is constantly adapting to the needs of real people, with real desires and needs, because that’s just what we love to do – bringing people emotions and joy. And we will be more than happy to deliver plenty of that to you too!