Adrenaline Heroes | Adrenaline Activity

Heroes for life! People love heroes and most of us aspire to become one.

Adrenaline heroes are here to make you one of them and have plenty of fun while doing so! We offer a wide selection of adrenaline fun attractions for everyone: From the family oriented and easier attractions like Bobsledding in Budapest or High Ropes Adventure in Amsterdam, to hardcore ones like the bridge swinging in Bratislava or Fighter Jet Flight in Brno. And if you’re somewhere in the middle of the adrenaline scale, you can have a glimpse at what it’s like to fly during the Indoor Skydiving experience in Warsaw!  In case you like to try new things and original is the name of the game for you, we have crazy things like the amazing fly-board experience in Wroclaw, (vertical) House Running and a high-tech Hovercraft, both in Bratislava, Water Banana ride and Zipline ride over football stadium in Gdansk or even Husky Sledge  and Horse Back Archery in Poznan!

Variety of choice is one of the things high on our agenda, because we know how different people’s tastes are and how many factors can influence a selection of a preferred activity. We also deliver specialized adrenaline activity of the highest quality – for instance if you’re a driving enthusiast, you will love the electro off-road in Hamburg or the off-road Safari in Sofia. These things just never get old! And how about tank driving? We offer this unforgettable experience in Prague but also in Bratislava, where you can even combine it with car demolition!  For those who love the Saw series or those who plan teambuilding exercise, there is a number of escape room attractions in a several cities and we even have the legendary Fort Boyard adrenaline competition against time! Summer season is the most preferred in terms of travelling, so we also have quite a few attractions that will cool you down during a hot day in town! For example the adrenaline Parasailing in the Bulgarian Sunny Beach or the White Water rafting in Munich and Waterski/Wakeboard in Berlin. And then there is the crazy Hydrospeed attraction only in Bratislava or a Rib-ride attraction in other destinations.

To find out more about our adrenaline activity please check out our website: for details!