iPad Treasure Hunt

iPad Treasure Hunt | Teambuilding

Forget about pokemon! We have a better, more innovative and more exciting version of the latest online phenomenon called iPad Treasure Hunt! The iPad Treasure Hunt is a unique team activity entertainment combining latest technologies[…]

Crazy Bullets | Shooting

Crazy Bullets | Shooting

Crazy Bullets | Shooting – as crazy as it may sound, we just love firearms! Big, small, automatic, machine guns, handguns, extreme guns. The legends and the oddities. They all have their charm and they all[…]

limousine experience

Limousine Experience | Hummer, Lincoln…

All fans of the luxurious rides behold! You do not have to be super rich to enjoy a ride in one of those super-luxurious and extravagant limos which you can find in Limousine Experience. After[…]

football activity

Football Activity | 5 a side, Spectators

Football Activity is not just a sport, it’s a global phenomenon connecting almost half of Earth’s population. The oldest traces of football go all the way back to the 2nd and 3rd century to the[…]

unlimited activity

Unlimited Activity | Enjoy No Limits

Unlimited activity – who does like limitations? Why are all these attractions limited? These were the questions we have been asking ourselves before we got into business with unlimited fun! Yep, everything we do MUST[…]

Strip Show

Strip Experience | Strip Show

It’s a familiar situation: You are on the trip outside of your home country, far from work and daily routine. You are having a great night-out with your friends or colleagues and you don’t have[…]

Nightlife On Fire

Nightlife On Fire | Pub Crawl, Nightclub

What you do when you want to have your tooth fixed? You simply visit a dentist who will solve the problem. When you need to have your car fixed, most of us seek the services[…]

driving activity

Mad To Drive | Driving Activity

Mad To Drive, your driving activity – rumble of engines, smell of gasoline, dry mouth and rushes of adrenaline – that’s what we have always lived for and the reason we have put together this[…]

adrenaline activity

Adrenaline Heroes | Adrenaline Activity

Heroes for life! People love heroes and most of us aspire to become one. Adrenaline heroes are here to make you one of them and have plenty of fun while doing so! We offer a[…]