Crazy Bullets | Shooting

Crazy Bullets | Shooting – as crazy as it may sound, we just love firearms! Big, small, automatic, machine guns, handguns, extreme guns. The legends and the oddities. They all have their charm and they all can do damage. But only to a properly set target in a safe environment!

We’re group of gun enthusiasts who love to deliver the most enjoyable shooting attraction on the old continent. Perfectly designed to fit into your trip to the most interesting European cities, all the attractions we offer went through the series of strict security tests. Europe has seen its portion of warfare and many of our cities in our portfolio have been through some seriously dark moments. Berlin, Gdansk, Warsaw…they’ve seen their portion of violence during the not so distant 20th century. We want to make sure that guns will only be used for protection or, as is our case, first class entertainment! All while ensuring the highest safety standards of our clients.

One of the things we have learned during the years of providing these shooting attractions is that people like variety. That’s why we decided to offer all kinds of guns, from the ordinary pistols, through close range shotguns, to the legendary guns like AK-47 or the M16. You can also select incredibly powerful Desert Eagle in the Bulgarian Sunny Beach or various combinations of your favorite weapons like AK-47 with shotgun! There are smaller packages with standard portion of bullets or if you know your hand won’t be hurting, you can chose more advanced packages with plenty of ammunition. There are also great themed shooting attractions like the James Bond Style in Budapest, WW2 in Brnot, the American Dream in Poznan, or the ultimate package in Prague. They all come with special settings to set the best possible atmosphere! VIP or Premium attractions are for the most demanding shooters out there, or for those who like extreme weapons. But this sort of packages can be also perfect for those who like to try as many guns at once as possible. And last but not least, there are also clay pigeon shooting attractions in case you want to feel like an Olympian!

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