Mad To Drive | Driving Activity

Mad To Drive, your driving activity – rumble of engines, smell of gasoline, dry mouth and rushes of adrenaline – that’s what we have always lived for and the reason we have put together this car loving initiative for all drive enthusiasts on the road!

Our company specializes in delivering the best attractions from the world of cars and racing competition.

Are you planning a trip to Berlin, Prague or Warsaw and you would to organize a karting competition with chaps to see who really has the nerves of steel? No problem! The same goes for all other traditional driving concepts like the off-road 4×4 driving where you can test some of the meanest, toughest vehicles out there and compete against the time! This will never get old, especially for those of us living in the cities – going to back country feels twice as fun as for those who actually live there! You may also want to venture into the realms of some really crazy rides. For these cases, we have prepared amazing attractions like the tank driving or the armored car ride in the cities like Bratislava and Gdansk. You are going to be stunned by the sheer power of these machines and their abilities outside of the road! If you are a lover of curiosities you will just love the incredible Trabant tour with the legendary three cylinder engines! And who wouldn’t love the hilarious mini tanks ride or off-road buggies? They are just a perfect fun addition to your European trip to Wroclaw, Amsterdam, Hamburg or Gdansk, regardless of how experienced driver you are!

And this is an important thing to mention – we are here for all people who would love to have fun behind the steering wheel, you don’t have to be a professional driver to enjoy these attractions. There will be professional instructors to show you exactly how to use the capabilities of an off-road car or a tank. Every driving activity we put up there has been tested numerous times in borderline situations to ensure maximum safety for our clients. So that’s that! All you have to do now is to choose a destination and your preferred activity.

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