Football Activity | 5 a side, Spectators

Football Activity is not just a sport, it’s a global phenomenon connecting almost half of Earth’s population. The oldest traces of football go all the way back to the 2nd and 3rd century to the ancient China. The European story dates back to the medieval England of the 12th century and the modern tradition of football as we know it today begun in the same country in 1863, when rugby football and association football parted ways to create separate organizations.

We, just like some 3.5 billion inhabitants of our planet, have fallen in love with this beautiful game! And that’s what brought us here – we believe that football can be played anywhere, anytime, it even can (and should!) be played at parties!

That’s why decided to put together the best football game attractions in many variations, some of them classic and some which are downright crazy! If you feel like going for the classics, you have a standard football match, 11 a side, against a local team in Prague or you can play a 5 a side game against your friends on a great outdoor pitch in Budapest or Warsaw.

And how about the crazy variations we have mentioned before? How about the mixed breed of football activity and golf called footgolf! We bet there is no need to explain what might be going on there, but you sure as hell better have a pretty solid kicking technique! You can try out this amazing attraction on a beautiful goal course in Bratislava. But that’s not the only football oddity in our arsenal – binocular football is one of the most hilarious versions of this sport you will ever see! Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart…you don’t really have to be a fan of German football to know how important these cities are for the European football, so it was only natural we cover those as well! Football history lovers a.k.a. football nerds will perk up quite a bit at the Ajax Stadium tour in Amsterdam. And we could not omit one of the most popular football attractions called the bubble football that you can play in Brno or Poznan.

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