iPad Treasure Hunt | Teambuilding

Forget about pokemon! We have a better, more innovative and more exciting version of the latest online phenomenon called iPad Treasure Hunt!

The iPad Treasure Hunt is a unique team activity entertainment combining latest technologies with your personality and creative thinking! Perfect as a teambuilding exercise, a fun family activity or just hanging out with friends, the treasure hunt will bring out the best of you no matter what type of a person you are! It doesn’t matter if you are an intellectual type or you’re more of a sporty type, young or old, everyone will find their role within a team! Not to mention the fact that it is a fantastic way of getting to know the city, be it Bratislava or Prague (Budapest and Berlin coming soon, stay tuned!).

Let’s have a glimpse at the game itself. Depending on how fast you are in solving the tasks put in front of you, the game lasts for around 2-3 hours. First you create teams of around 10 people with each one having an iPad with special software for the game. The key tool for the game is the map with various game spots. You have to find these spots only to discover what task you have to fulfil in order to gain points and compete with other teams. The goal is simple – to achieve as many points as possible, while performing numerous logical tasks where all the nerds will excel, crazy fun tasks suitable for the wild types, but also sport tasks and interactive tasks for everyone!

The game allows you to choose from more than just one game mode. The Mission Possible puts you in the role of secret agents trying to fulfil their mission and complete as many tasks as possible. Catch the Monkey is a grown-up version of the game for nigh time that also features our local guides with teams and drinking of alcohol! And for those who are interested in finding out everything about the city, there is Get to Know the City mode full of history, monuments, local legends and more! Find out more about this great team game full of interaction, videos, QR codes and crazy situations and check-out our website www.ipadevents.com to find out more!