Limousine Experience | Hummer, Lincoln…

All fans of the luxurious rides behold! You do not have to be super rich to enjoy a ride in one of those super-luxurious and extravagant limos which you can find in Limousine Experience. After all, not even multimillionaires use them for their daily commute. It’s really not about money, it’s about the ability to raise to the occasion!

And that’s what thrive to provide: Help people enjoying special moments while they are on a trip in one of Europe’s top destinations. Because we know that truly special moments come when people get away from their daily routine, when they can embrace new things, meet new people, have some fun and feel the real Limousine Experience! Renting a limo is easy. But we believe that even the ordinary airport pick up can be transformed into a hot entertainment affair! An airport pick-up is one thing, but a night limousine tour in an attractive company while heading for to a lap dance club is something else altogether!

It doesn’t matter if it happens in Gdansk, Hamburg or Bratislava – you can bet your chauffer’s hat that you will enjoy something very special that night! You can chose from some of the most imposing vehicles allowed to drive on the road – from an elegant Lincoln in Prague, to the gargantuan Hummer daddy in Budapest! We even have a little specialties like the stretched Ford Excursion Executive or an old school T3 Volkswagen limo in Berlin! They will be your transportable living rooms with a drink-ready bottle of bubbly and an interior full of leather and luxury. But they can also become your private mini-clubs if you decide to turn up the heat and order a hot local stripper on your way to the nightclub in Wroclaw or Stuttgart!

We just want to make sure that whatever choice you make from Limousine Experience, we deliver without any compromise. Because who likes compromises when going out in a city like Berlin, Warsaw or Amsterdam? We don’t and I don’t think you do either! The luscious world of limousines and vodka is just a step away.

If you want to find out more about our offer, check out this website:, choose your preferred destination and select whichever activity strikes your cord!