I’ve been to Stuttgart for a few times and while the nightlife is generally pretty good, I wanted to try something else while my friends were over for a weekend. So we went for the party bus & strip thingy and boy was that a wild one! I could not actually remember that much, but I saw the pics afterwards and apparently we had a great time!


Freakishly funny! Going for an armoured car ride during our trip to Brno was the idea of my crazy girlfriend and I gotta say I wasn’t so thrilled in the beginning, but then I thought to myself: hey, we’re in former communist country, this can be fun! And you bet it was, it was this old Russian tank with rocket launcher going through something no off-road would ever conquer!


Berlin night tour was awesome! Like for real, I’ve never been a fan of these organized night tours but we organized  our trip on a very last moment so we had no time to make any plans…so we just randomly chose pretty much the first thing that popped up on google and boy did we get lucky! The guide was great, absolutely knew her way around the city, thumbs up!


Wow, still trembling! The adrenaline Action Tower Jump in Bratislava was the most brutal adrenaline thing I’ve ever tried!  The moment you step on the edge of that huge chimney is incredible…I actually thought I might pass on this, but I’m happy I found my guts in the end! It’s really quite something, but I felt very safe and the crew was very supportive, thanks!

Mathieu Buchand

We wanted something special and typical for Prague so we went to for the Beer spa. Especially my boyfriend wanted to go there so much. I’m not such big beer lover, but I really enjoyed the place. Everyone was very friendly, the place was very pleasant and original and our guide was also very helpful. Even if I’m more of a wine person, I recommend this!

Alena J

Oh boy that was hilarious. First of all we got picked by this cracking pink limo and let me tell this, we were not completely sober and we knew we are in Amsterdam, so things could only get better from that point! Anyway, the limo Lincoln hires was amazing, the interior was like even better than what we expected. We had to find our way to the limo, but you kind of expect that when you arrive somewhere for the first time.

Josh Warring