Unlimited Activity | Enjoy No Limits

Unlimited activity – who does like limitations? Why are all these attractions limited?

These were the questions we have been asking ourselves before we got into business with unlimited fun! Yep, everything we do MUST be unlimited in some way.

Our core business is providing a wide range of unlimited activity in the Europe’s hottest tourist destinations. We love the idea that you don’t have count your drinks when you go out for a booze night in Prague or when you have a dinner in Budapest with all you can eat scenario! Only then you can truly enjoy what’s in front of you. The sheer presence of limits and boundaries is a stress-inducing factor. The result is that you will not enjoy the activity as much as you could, no matter how great it is.

Some of the activities that are unlimited in their nature and fit perfectly into our unlimited concept, for instance the laser game in Prague that naturally features unlimited ammunition, but also unlimited drinks in this case! Others, like a visit to the famous lap dance in Amsterdam had to be upgraded to unlimited drinks status. Many attractions you will find on our web page might be familiar to you, but we decided to maximize their fun factor by introducing an unlimited feature. Good example is wine tasting in Bratislava with unlimited amount of wine to be tested! The world of leisure activities also deserved to be promoted to unlimited status, hence the Thai massage with unlimited sauna or the Daily Spa Wellness with unlimited entrance, both taking place in Bratislava. And we must not forget specialties that bring unlimited joy, like the world famous Prague beer spa where the beer flows in rivers, crazy footgolf in Amsterdam with unlimited drinks and snack, Dinner with drag queen or the old school Arcade games that will revive some of the most nostalgic feelings from the old days! And let’s not forget the world of shooting games! You will be able to shoot like a maniac while playing airsoft and we also found an unlimited ammunition version of paintball!

The world of entertainment just got a big boost of freedom and it is now fully available for you to enjoy! So let´s visit our website: www.unlimitedactivity.com and be UNLIMITED!